Marpessa, the name is by no means trivial, is an obvious reference to the fashion world, more precisely in Marpessa Hennink, Dutch-born model and top model from the mid-80s the 90s. Born in Amsterdam by Dutch parents, with origins Surinamese father’s side, Marpessa has the dark features. Slender and curvy, has a typical cut for the South These characteristics make the fortune of two designers still unknown in 1987, and with a great desire to emerge: Messrs. Dolce and Gabbana. The local di Noto “Marpessa, Bread and Wine”, strong mythological background of this and trendy, and has a contemporary look with minimal big-picture of the model, cactus, lemon and much more that makes Sicily. If it were not for the cacti and lemons you could imagine being on Viale Premuda in Milan. In the menu you can see Marpessa: lasagne pasta with summer squash, green vegetables, pumpkin confit tomatoes and pumpkin salted first wheat spaghetti with plum Abruzzo, basil and garlic poached; cream Stracciatella mozzarella with tomatoes, basil, olive oil and croutons; Carnaroli risotto with herbs and creamed with provolone Ragusa, served with tartare of raw prawns, various salads, raw and cooked vegetables, and some nice sweet, including the thigh pear tart and crunchy waffle sugar .