The Fontana d’Ercole in Noto, the capital of Sicilian Baroque, is a rustic, where the predominant stone, a stone’s throw from the famous Teatro Vittorio Emanuele.

In Trattoria Fontana d’Ercole get a taste various specialties of sea and land even though it is of course the fish to be particularly required. No coincidence that the workhorse of the Fontana d’Ercole Trattoria di Noto is the frying of fish, which varies daily according to the catch. At the Trattoria d’Ercole remarkable spaghetti with clams, shrimp and pistachio pesto. Excellent busiata with sardines. Among the meat dishes are a delicacy ricotta ravioli served with pork sauce.

The excellent value for money, in the Trattoria d ‘Hercules and the friendliness of the owners are more trump cards of this typical Sicilian restaurant of Noto. If we add the goodness of the dishes here that this restaurant does not want to leave.