20/09/2013 – Syracuse

Charity Concert with the participation of great artists

Arena Maniace
Admission Euro 12,00

Music event to support of “From Here to Eternity” – Project to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research.

With the participation of
Anna Bonomolo, Diego Spitaleri, Sebastiano Alioto, Filippo Rizzo, Marco Papale, Giulia La Rosa, Andrea Benevento, Carmelo Venuto, Emanuele Spring and Amato Jazz Trio, (for about 100 minutes of show)

with the support of digital graphics synchronized to accompany the whole event Strafactory DJ Roberto Nicastro.

The concert is accompanied by

Monster Enduro Moto d’Epoca by the Moto Club 70 Regularity of Palermo,

Vintage Vespas exhibition organized by the Moto Vespa Club of Syracuse,

photo exhibition “La Vela and children” by Arch. Angelo Macaluso, for the revival of sailing culture starting with children

Art Direction: Francesca and Joseph Mandalari
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