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Sicily 1943

from 11 July to 8 September 2013
Galleria Credito Siciliano – Acireale

Opening Wednesday 10 July, 19:00

Just seventy years after the ‘start of” Operation Husky that led the Allied troops to conquer Sicily, the Galleria Credito Siciliano, Acireale, offers a large exhibition in which the landing alive in the images of the famous American photographer Phil Stern.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to Stern, now 93-year-old, to retrace the places he recounted in 1943 and this time travel, impressions, seventy years later will be the subject of a documentary edited by Ezio Costanzo, directed by Philip Arlotta.
The exhibition “Phil Stern. Sicily 1943″ is curated by Ezio Costanzo with a search from the Imperial War Museum Cristina Quadrio Curzio and Leo Guerra.

Through the powerful images of Stern and those cutting documentary Imperial War Museum relive the different moments of what was one of the largest operations of World War II.

At the command of Patton (U.S. Seventh Army) and Montgomery (British Eighth Army) in the early hours of July 10, 1943 160,000 soldiers landed on the island Anglo-Americans.
American troops reach Gela and Licata Pozzallo, while the British troops occupying the southern coast of the island, between Marzamemi and Syracuse.
The defense of Sicily is entrusted to 220,000 Italian soldiers and 30,000 Germans.
On 22 July, Patton conquest Palermo and Messina reached on August 17, the last destination of Operation Husky.
The conquest of the island will not be an easy walk to the Anglo-Americans that left over 5,000 dead on the field in just 38 days.

On September 3, in Cassibile (Sr) Italy signed an armistice (made public on the radio on September 8 by general Badoglio) with the Allies, which sanctions the unconditional surrender.

The exhibition produced by the Fondazione Gruppo Credito Valtellinese is certainly a re-reading of a page of history Sicilian and Italian but it is also a major exhibition of photography. It is the first comprehensive monograph dedicated to Phil Stern “war photographer”. It is in fact presented an aspect of the least known aspects of his photographic production with which he began his career.

Master of black and white, Stern is famous for portraits of the great stars of American stardom. Sue are many of the most intense images of James Dean, of which he was a personal friend, and Marilyn Monroe, as well as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, the other great jazz or Frank Sinatra.
It was the photographer who “was always in the right place at the right time” and that the more he knew empathize agreement with the subject being photographed, capturing the image and mannerisms always with grace and humor. His work is often behind the scenes, which humanizes the subject, introduced him to the reader.

Stern, a descendant of Russian Jews immigrated to the United States, grows in the Bronx. His career has not ended yet, begins with partnerships to Friday and then to Life, Collier’s, Look. So the film work and collaboration with Orson Welles in Citizen Kane.
In ’41, Stern left for the front, a volunteer in North Africa is wounded in Tunisia. As a war correspondent for the magazine of the U.S. military following the landing in Sicily where he gets injured and following this, with the return, a war decoration. Also in the photo on the various battlefields, Stern retains its freshness of the author. Required to accompany the official capacity tale of humanity alive and true. Not dissimilar to what was in the sets of big Hollywood productions.

Along with 70 images of Stern in large format, to document the period from the night between 9 and 10 July, the start date of the landing, Italian Armistice of 8 September announcement (date not chosen at random as start date and the end of the exhibition) will set up a slideshow video – documentary edited by Carmelo Nicosia Head of the Department of Photography and Video of the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, which will give the viewer an idea of ​​some of the places of the Landing today also through the impressions in the comments of Stern. An additional 100 images from the archives of the Imperial War Museum in London, taken by combat cameraman during the invasion of the island, will conclude the exhibition, dedicated to Phil Stern.

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11 July to 8 September 2013

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