Live the band solarinese 15/08/2013

Lido Trireme – Marzamemi
ore 22.00

free admission

“The almond tree is in bloom and I dream that a journey into the world” is the phrase that has in it the whole way of the work of Qbeta. The almond tree is adorning the rugged and irregular movements of our land. At its root sap flows of Sicily itself, with its suggestions more vivid – and strongly Sicilians are Qbeta. But the almond tree is also “open”, pluggable with other fruits – peach, apricot, etc …, and that is what Peppe Cubeta & company are trying to do in their creative journey: take the roots of Sicilian culture – music, symbolic, linguistic – and engage the clutch of external suggestions, going to catch them in what has now become a symbolic place, a place for the soul than a geographical one, since geographically interwoven threads running through different lands and oceans: an almond tree with roots firmly stuck in Sicily but also feeds on ocher earth of Africa, wind mestizo Latin / American rhythms of blood in the Balkans, the Mediterranean sunshine then, even better, “South”, a large almond tree vigorous, full of moods and essences the south.

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