From 23/05/2013 to 23/06/2013 – Syracuse

Regional Gallery Palazzo Bellomo
Via Capodieci, 16 – Syracuse
From Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 – 19.00
Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00
closed on Mondays

The Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo celebrates the Year of Faith, bringing to light exposure relevant to the topic with the works of art remained largely unpublished and hitherto preserved in its stores. It is about thirty pieces, including paintings, silver, branches, bronzes and missals, from the Byzantine period, which are shown in the Conference Room of the Gallery.

The exhibition is divided into several sections, united by the common thread of faith. In the pictorial, there are 5 panel paintings dating from the late ’500 and early ’600. Among them, deserve to be named “The Seven Archangels” and “The dispute of St. Augustine,” respectively attributed to Antonio Catalano the Elder, whose work presents the typical stylistic forms and colors, and Giovan Maria Trevisan, a painter active in Syracuse from 1506 to 1513.

It joins a priceless part of decorative art in silver, bronze, copper and wood. Artistically significant is the tile in copper, sec. XII, from Enna, which is one of the rare survivals of art and Byzantine civilization. You may consider perhaps the only surviving specimen probably belonging to a rich set of panels that lined the pockets of the doors of a church door.

Also noteworthy is the bronze candlestick, dated between the end dl twelfth century and the beginning of XIII: a rare and remarkable peculiarity that is placed in the context of northern European bronze production, highlighting the decorative motifs that correlate with similar specimens in the British Museum and Staatlichen Museen in Berlin.

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