Copper engraving techniques: the protagonists of the striking art show

Palazzo Trigona,  Via Gioberti 13

from 15/06/2013 al 05/07/2013

ore 19;30

When the ink from the plate is transferred to the sheet of paper, comes the wonder of art.
The exhibition “Noto engraved” stems from the desire to pay homage to the city of Noto through the staging of works engraved with the different artistic techniques that have as their main theme of the historical and artistic heritage, church, environmental and landscape. It is all made manifest through an innovative path of signs and images full of research, innovation and memory, thanks to the work of the participants. Artists use graphical methods of authentic copper engraving techniques such as drypoint, etching, aquatint, woodcuts, lithography, with skill to create and express their ideas.

Exhibition of graphic art by Angelo Cigolindo

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